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Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Operated – Without Operator – Mustafa Bey mobile :0507 427 04 27


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Technical Support for Forklifts

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Hourly – Daily

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Rent – Buying and Selling

Mr. Mustafa

Mobile : 0 507 427 04 27

Repair – Maintenance – Mehmet Bey

Mobile : 0 535 238 31 74

Sunkaya Forklift Rental Hourly- Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Annual Rental Services 7/24

Sunkaya Forklift Rental



Our ramp truck delivers to your home.

We offer forklift renting buying and selling in Kayseri and its surrounding areas. We are a professional company that aims to provide service in this sector. Our forklifts are top-quality and our employees are forklift renters. Since our company was founded on forklifts only, we have adopted the one-business professional service model. All your support needs for forklifts are met by us.

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