Building a Crafts Room

WeWork’s brand new Brooklyn-based office spaces are part of an extensive renovation attempt by the company to revamp its 30 year-old brand. “Crowning the successful Fulton Center office place, this brand new Brooklyn coworking area offers in-house access to a number of the neighborhood subway lines: the 7, 2, 3, 4, A, B, C, E, and J. The nine-floor space features a can’t-be-missed location for commuters between the East Village and Brooklyn Bridge, a must-see spot for locals and visitors alike,” states WeWork. “A large number of Brooklyn residents reside at the East Village, which will be adjoining to the subway’s eastern

Bill Of Materials for this Project
12 x 4 x 83 ea.2.98Home Depot , Lowes, any lumber yard43898X2
2Pie plates aluminum2 ea1.5Any grocerie store43832X3
bar magnet 2x 1 n52
4 ea6magnet4sale.com43959X4
4Extention Screws # 814 ea1Lowes, Home Depot43894X5
518 gauge wire4 feet2Wire Hut1X6
6House Light Switch3 Each12BateriesSwitches.com1-1/4X7
7Cloth (cotton is best)12″ x 12″0Old tee shirt or sheet1-1/2X8
8Water Glass8 oz0Your Kitchen ( ask Mom)1-3/4X9
9Lead Pencil (Mechanical)2 ea.2Walmrt, Dollar Store2X10
10Video Card.3 ea.about 25.00Shop Around2-1/2X11
11watercolors2 eaabout 9.00iceditors.com3X12
Small Saw
Water Pan
Pocket Knife
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Flat Head Screwdriver

terminal. A shuttle runs to ferry workers to their jobs from the Brooklyn area.” If you live in the Brooklyn area or wish to be closer to work, this is an perfect option for you!

Building a Crafts Room

The spacious two-story Atrium area is WeWork’s newest venture, including a distinctive layout from rooftop deck builders. “This fully urbanized space features open flooring, an executive meeting space, an elevator that contributes to an atrium floor, along with an unobstructed entryway from Prospect Park to Times Square,” states WeWork. “The space is completely furnished with luxury hardwood flooring, a marble backsplash, and high-definition televisions with a 50″ display.” The Atrium is also home to several specialty stores, such as an art gallery, a gift store, plus a Del Piero Baglioni store.

If your building a crafts room at WeWork, there is a lot more that you love. “The recently redesigned third floor at WeWork provides more than 250 luxury chairs, tables, and modular storage spaces for sharing among members,” states Joe Vocino, a vice president of WeWork. “We produce custom seating configurations so that each member of a crafts group can be accommodated. There’s also a totally air-conditioned glass-enclosed bar with a full bar line, a steam sauna, plus a large backless fireplace for warming up your own instincts,” he continues. The possibilities are infinite!

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